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Welcome to Back Office Connection (BOC), a full service outsourcing firm that can completely customize and tailor its services to fit your needs.

Our founding premise and guiding principles direct us to go the extra mile for our clients; to understand their business and their clients, to communicate clearly and work with purpose in assisting our clients in achieving their goals.

We differentiate ourselves by providing comprehensive services encompassing Operations, IT and Compliance administrative support. We offer services in these areas because we believe that these departments are intimately inter-related and dependent upon each other.

See “Back Office” integration in process.

By overseeing each of these three areas, we can achieve best practices and realize efficiencies beyond managing them independently. We also believe that these efficiencies allow us to extract more from resources and provide additional tools to the advisor and more services to your clients.

In most cases, we can provide an equal or greater level of service at an equal or lower price than can achieved in-house, allowing you to reap the benefits to outsourcing.

The comprehensive nature of our services allows you to:

“Go grow your business and leave the rest to us.”

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